Brand strategy, information design, accessibility content production, etc. to help you plan and succeed in e-business We provide consulting in a systematic and strategic manner.

We're building brands

Brands change the world.

Why planning + consulting + marketing should work together


Marketing channel

We set up an outlet and strategy to effectively proceed with the marketing channel.

  • Portal Search Advertisements
  • Keyword advertisement
  • Blog marketing
  • press publicity
  • Cafe marketing
  • SNS Marketing

Target Keywords

I search on the Internet to find it.

  1. When searching with keywords, it should be searched.
    At this time, the exposed content should be of good quality.
  2. When I look at the sign while I'm passing by, I search for it and even when I'm introduced.


Ordinary things are not competitive!

  1. 01. Competitor and our analysis
    • Find a competitor near the street
    • Identify the advantages of competition through homepage, internet, and various channels
    • Show differentiation by charting competitive advantages
  2. 02. Create differentiation points
    • The colorful interior is important, but the emotional service that stimulates the emotions.
  3. 03. Evaluate whether it is feasible
    • Making 'what we can't do, not what we want to do.
  4. 04. Inform differentiation
    • Actively appeal through public relations media

Key Points

  1. 01. Promote with high-quality content
    • Based on reliable content and sophisticated design, we issue content that upgrades images.
  2. 02. More aggressive reputation management
    • The results should not be left unattended when searching.
      Fill in the good writing and drop the slanderous writing immediately.
  3. 03. Create customized marketing strategies for your situation
    • Depending on the current situation, it depends on how the marketing should be conducted.

Create Differentiated Web & Apps

Our goal is to create differentiated, robust concepts and branding to achieve the highest position in the marketplace. Define the brand's concept through market analysis, benchmarking, web search, etc.

It's not a choice, it's a must!

Targeting is clear, because it selects keywords that are appropriate and relevant to the advertisement. Exposures to potential customers provide high cost-effectiveness.

Power link
  • Areas exposed to Naver Integrated Search tab results
  • Expose up to 10
  • Typical Naver Search Advertisements
  • Areas exposed below the power link
  • Expose up to 5
Shopping ads
  • The shopping area of Naver's integrated search and the area exposed to the shopping search results page.
  • Image-type search advertisement products that can be exposed in units of [Product]
Content Search Advertisements
  • Areas where users are exposed to keywords with deep intent to explore information;
  • Provide information using contents such as [Blog], [Post], and [Cafe]
  • Products exposed to the 'Power Content' area of the Unified Search Results page
Brand Search
  • When searching for brand keywords, exposure to top of integrated search results
  • Communicate with users and increase branding and reliability with the latest brand content.

Premium & Wide Link
  • Areas exposed to the following results of the Integrated Search tab
  • Expose up to 10
  • Typical next search ads
  • Areas exposed to the following integrated search results for some of the keywords in high demand
  • Expose up to 5
Special Link Sponsor Box
  • [Premium Link], [Widelink] areas of exposure operated by Nate
  • Periodic billing method
Content Search Advertisements
  • Mobile Next Integrated Search Top of the Shopping Area
  • Exposure to basic and image types (Exposure type cannot be selected)
  • Priority exposure to the top two accounts in the shopping area