"HITDA" is a way to make your business successful.
It is a creative agency that creates special and new experiences.HITDA

to create a special
and new experience.
I'm a creative agency.

Rather than creating a simple platform or website that is only good for viewing,
achieve only the goals that customers want.
We're not asking you to do it, but aiming for the best results beyond simplicity,
and we're capturing all our passion here today.

With HITDA, check out the amazing growth and achievements.
Sometimes with stubbornness and uncompromising simplicity, the best result of our passion and stubbornness,
I'm trying to bring out someone's inspiration and give them the best experience beyond emotion.

We are a "hitda" who creates the strengths of our customers in the direction that the times want.

In an era of rapidly changing convergence digital transformation,
It's the best TEAM that creates innovation.

Build organic collaboration with professional TF configurations and use systematic management methodology
Performing a task produces optimal results.

Development of big data-based platforms, AI artificial intelligence systems,
blockchain-based systems and homepages/shopping malls,
From UX/UI, web/mobile, branding, and marketing, we're building on the solid technology of our experts.
It's a very special TEAM that creates the greatest synergy.

What we do
Creative Agency

  • Web Production
    Big Data Platform Development
    Homepage/Shopping mall development
    Solution/Web Program Development
    Hosting/Clouding / DB Management
  • Marketing
    Brand Consulting
    Performance Marketing
    Personal and Corporate Sales
    domestic and overseas operations
  • MCN Management
    Creator Training
    Broadcasting equipment setting
    Creating and editing images
    Marketing Training
  • Strategic planning
    Analysis / Design / Planning
    Big Data / Blockchain / AI
    E-Business Consulting
    Storyboard Fabrication

History and Business Partner


  1. 01Waiting for Venture Business Certification
  2. 11Big Data Platform Patent Application Awaiting
  3. 10Ministry of SMEs and Startups and Start-up Promotion Agency
    Initial Start-up Package Company Application
  4. 09Dongseo University Industry-Academic Cooperation Signed


  1. 09Dongseo University Family Company Certification
  2. 05Small and Medium Business Certification
  3. 04Establishment of research and development department
  4. 03Corporate HITDA Establishment